Dog and Cat Boarding Facilities


Leaving your beloved pet behind when you travel can be difficult, but there are many pet boarding options available to help care for your furry friend while you are away. These services offer a safe environment for your pet where they will be monitored every day, receive medicine if needed, and in some circumstances even play with other pets.

Pet boarding can be a great option for long or short trips, but finding the right service is essential. To make your next trip a little more stress-free, we’ve rounded up the best pet boarding services.


Cricket Lane Kennels 



Proudly serving pets and owners for over 30 years! 
Our family owned and operated boarding facility understands the importance of your pets comfort and safety while providing a home away from home experience for each of our guests.
We are located on a peaceful stretch of land tucked away from any main road surrounded by mountains with the owner's home over looking our facility.
We welcome you to stop by during business hours to discover your furry family member's own Smoky Mountain retreat and to meet the eager staff waiting to take care of them!

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