Dog Trainers



  • Are you embarrassed by your dog’s behavior?
  • Is it impossible to walk them in public without pulling you or lunging at other dogs?
  • Do you avoid having company over because your dog barks at and jumps all over your guests?
  • Does your dog get protective and aggressive towards other dogs, or even humans that get close to you?
  • Are you afraid that your dog’s unpredictable behavior might result in a bite?

What do professional dog trainers do?

Dog trainers can perform a range of activities, ranging from training law enforcement dogs to working with therapy dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. However, most people hire dog trainers for obedience training. This is largely a process of training the human — much of how a dog interprets our behaviors, commands, tone and body language is counterintuitive at first. Some trainers will typically come to your home to observe your relationship with your dog, teach you how to train a command and give you guidance for reinforcing it. It will depend on your consulation with the trainer to determine the best form of training.


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